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Two Ranches One Program

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Casey Fitzsimmons Family

200 registered mother cows dot the property of the Canyon Creek Ranch operated by Casey and his family.  This herd was acquired from Gene Ryg and Vinee Cox (Master Angus) in November of 2021.  The Canyon Creek herd is the result of 20+ years of rigorous culling  and consistent breeding and it is a true blessing to have these foundation females in our possession.  This herd calves Jan-Feb each year and the AI and pasture breeding take place here as well.  We invite you to come take a look at the cows anytime here in Canyon Creek.  

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Havre Ranch

Nathan Baltrusch Family

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The Havre Ranch is the home of 50 registered mother cows and 200 commercial angus cows that carve out a living in some of the most demanding environments in the US.  This cow herd consists of our Donor Cows and a foundation set of females acquired from Kathy-Creighton Smith in 2018. The cows pasture calve in March-April and are also AI/Pasture bred here. This is the location where we wean and develop all the bull calves for our Annual Sale on the First Monday of April.  The Hi-line of Montana is a major producer of grains and also makes an excellent location for finishing our calves we cull from the seedstock program.  We have implemented a pasture to plate program and sell our finished products to individuals and commercial restaurants around the state.

We also encourage you to visit us here in Havre to see the cows and go through our pen of bulls.

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