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Our TOP Priority is your Bottom Line

"Our Experiences as commercial cattleman brought us into the seedstock business"


"In a challenging environment, Fertility-Longevity and Predictability were the most beneficial traits to us as commercial cattleman, so that's what we will continue to focus on"

Our Program

The Angus industry has expanded its footprint significantly since we started using its genetics in our own commercial operations many years ago. Today Angus is a major player in almost every segment of the beef industry.  There are numerous “tools” and technologies for breeding, raising, and selling Angus Genetics and that list continues to increase.  While it may seem a bit overwhelming, we are quite comfortable with it all because we only focus on the “tools” and technologies that are relevant to keeping your commercial operation in business.  Our background and experience is in the commercial-cow calf sector of the beef industry and quite frankly our relevance in the Registered Angus Business is secondary to our mission of running a profitable commercial cow-calf operation.“Our Top priority is your Bottom Line” it’s our mission statement and our goal.  We are trying to build Predictable and Fertile cattle that bring your paycheck home year after year with little to no intervention. We are not here to “reinvent the wheel” that is Angus, but simply focus on the fundamental components that make it turn effectively in the commercial cattleman’s operation. 

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