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Our TOP Priority is your Bottom Line

"Our Experience as commercial cattleman brought us into the seedstock business"


"In a challenging environment, Fertility-Longevity and Predictability were the most beneficial traits to us as commercial cattleman, so that's what we will continue to focus on"

Our Program

We are nothing more than commercial cattleman, running cattle in a challenging natural environment and also a challenging financial environment.  We have expanded into the Registered Business with one intention: Add Value to our customer's commercial operation by improving their bottom line.  If we truly want to connect with our commercial cattleman than we need to "test" our cattle in a Natural environment as restrictive as theirs and MOST importantly "test" them in a Financial environment similar to theirs. 

      We take great pride in running cattle that give us MORE on less.  We simply give them free choice salt and mineral throughout the year and the only supplementation they receive is during the Winter Months when natural forage is unavailable. We feed 25-30lbs a head a day of forage hay typically January-April.  Our cattle navigate at elevations from 3,000'-6,000' with capacities from 10-30 acres per aum.  Profitable cattle are the ones that come back bred, and with a healthy calf at side every year.  For us it's not necessarily the weaned lbs a cow produces that particular year, but how many years she stays around to produce them. 

     We have found that in our experience, the first step into becoming a profitable producer was to identify the limitations of our natural  environment and our financial environment, then through disciplined culling and observation, we were able to find the type of cattle that worked for us, much like a dependable employee.  



"At first we were convinced we needed more....more size, more supplements,
more of everything someone had to offer.  At some point we realized all we
really needed was a cow that  needed less and gave us more."